wall sticker [monologue]

wall sticker [monologue]

Let's listen to the whispers of silent objects!
[monologue] is a series of voice-shaped wall stickers.

tenugui (Japanese towel) [tenuto]

tenugui (Japanese towel) [tenuto]

Please guess who drew the patterns of these towels!
They seem to be Japanese traditional Tenugui patterns, but actually they were drawn by the quite popular objects around us.
[tenuto] is a series of Tenugui, which combines the Japanese tradition and the modern esprit.


[ Canvasworks ] = 'Canvas that works'

An everyday scenery drawn on the canvas. On a closer view, you'll find a part of the scene actually functions.

Ribbon accessory Lines

Ribbon accessory [ Lines ]

The silky texture of satin ribbons and the combination of subtle colors. The accessory collection of soft and linear expression.

reused watch accessory [ once ]

reused watch accessory [ once ]

"The window of the watch looks like a mounted gem." From that kind of imagination, the reused watch project [once] has begun.

Alternative T-shirt [ shikisai ]

Alternative T-shirt [ shikisai ]

To explore the alternative possibilities of t-shirt design under the condition of "black print on white t-shirt." A t-shirt brand launched by Noto-Fusai in 2005. Constantly releasing new designs, it's been building a solid position as "art t-shirt" in Japan, and looking at the next step overseas.


Shamoto Taka's dance performance

Taka Shamoto contemporary dance performance

Belonging to Rosas, one of the most reputed contemporary dance company in the world, Taka Shamoto held her first solo performance in Japan, where Noto-Fusai took part of the costume design and the graphic design, and appeared on the stage as a part of stage set. No exaggeration, it was like having a beautiful dream for all the staff engaged and, we believe, for all the audience, only witnesses of this one night miracle.


Noto Fusai music


Hajime Sugino logo

racing driver Hajime Sugino's logo


Kagari Yusuke web

Kagari Yusuke website

Kagari Yusuke is a leather bag artist, who sees the bags as a wall that differenciate the public space and private space and uses white putty as a finish for the leather.

Cloud Creator website image

Jewellery brand "cloud creator" website (in Japanese)

"Wanna grasp what looks graspable but is ungraspable, just like a cloud in the sky." Noto-Fusai developed the website of contemporary jewellery brand "cloud creator" by the jewellery designer/metal artist Phillip Asato Tanaka. We hope you feel through the website his warm personality and the sincere message expressed in shape of jewellery.

Amatatsu kentaro website image

Photographer Kentaro Amatatsu website (in Japanese)

" I'm making an attempt through photograph to invite people to the gateway, the attractive gateway which has a potential to slow down the moment, and which is something we have lost in this modern speeding society. " Noto-Fusai developed the website of the photographer Kentaro Amatatsu. Javascript navigation has a touch of analogue, parallel to the touch of photograph. Please slow down your moment, for a while, browsing the website.

Designer Duo Noto-Fusai website image

Designer duo Noto-Fusai website

We developed this Noto-Fusai's website, focusing on the balance between amusement and communication. It is necessary for website to navigate people to the information they want in an easily understandable manner. However, it's our natural instinct to think of giving a welcome to them and of amusing them in some way. We believe we somehow accomplished the user-friendly and user-amusing interface.