About the designer duo Noto-Fusai

"Balance between rationality and sensitivity, inquiry into new possibilities, chain of coinsidence and the occasional birth of new products."

Noto-Fusai is a designer duo consisting of the two designers Noto Hirotsugu and Noto Miyo, who lauched the alternative t-shirt brand [ shikisai ] in 2005. Centering on the proposal of new products, they are pursuing the positive possibilities in every side of the contemporary society.

* "Noto" is their last name. "Fu" means husband. "Sai" means wife. All together, Noto-Fusai stands for "Mr. and Mrs. Noto".

Members of Noto-Fusai

Designer Duo Noto-Fusai portrait
photography:Kentaro Amatatsu

Noto-Fusai husband: Noto Hirotsugu

Left-prefrontal-oriented. With higher-than-necessary education, having experience of teaching history. Ambivalence between the longing for the primitive ways of being and the expectations for the advanced technology. There are a lot of things I want to try, but I first drink a cup of tea, and make them come true one by one with the utmost energy.

Noto-Fusai wife: Noto Miyo

Right-prefrontal-oriented. Eyewear nut and facility in cooking. Having knowledge and technique of sewing. At every moment, I search my aesthetic and five senses. But I first drink a cup of tea, and bring out my intuitive ideas and my optimistic decision.