Taka Shamoto contemporary dance performance


A night in mid-summer, Taka Shamoto, a member of Rosas, one of the most reputed contemporary dance companies in the world, held her first solo performance in Tokyo. No exaggeration, it was like having a beautiful dream for all the staff engaged and, we believe, for all the audience, only witnesses of this one night miracle.

For this stage, Noto-Fusai designed and hand-made two dresses and took part of graphic works like handouts, tickets and posters. Besides, we had a honor of being on the edge of the stage as a part of stage set.


The prologue of the story took place on the internet, where the designer/Rosas-freak Masanao Tomioka met Taka Shamoto and invited her to hold her solo stage. It was already a beginning of miracle that she surprisingly undertook this unidentified offer from the never-met-before guy. After this, he gathered the member, Noto-Fusai, FormlessDesign (music), Sachiko Suzuki from IID (direction) and "flame" (lighting support).

It was two weeks before the stage that we met Taka for the first time, and from this moment, the world began to move, centering her attractive personality and the whimsically splendid ideas springing out of her every minute. Everyone put everything as much as possible in that limited time given, into the stage, on 5th August 2006.

The outcome... is only in the memory of the witnesses - staff member and the audience. We feel, personally, that it was an unique happening only arose from the relationship of us at that moment, which will never happen again.

( Photos by Shino Chikura )

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